White-headed Sea Eagle Embroidered Artwork

White-headed Sea Eagle Embroidered Artwork


This time, the respected Mr. white-headed sea eagle appeared on our embroidery. As you can see, the crooked and sharp beak, the raised brow ridge and the piercing eyes make his appearance look particularly fierce, and even if we look from afar, we can feel its strength and majesty. The design of white feathers on the head and neck, dark brown feathers on the rest of the body makes it look very powerful. Maybe we've seen strong white-headed sea eagles many times, but I'm sure this must be the first time you can see such a delicate and vivid image in embroidery. It took hundreds of hours for Chinese embroidery craftsmen to embroider this exquisite work of art with precious silk, we believe that you can not only associate it with the remarkable combat effectiveness of American national bird,  but also feel the unique charm of the oriental embroidery art.


This is 1/4 Silk Thread  high-grade embroidery work.

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