TOP COLLECTION Embroidered Artwork

TOP COLLECTION Embroidered Artwork


Undoubtedly, this is an amazing work of art, no matter in the choice of color or composition, you can feel the impact and unparalleled visual effect. Starting with the lush green leaves in the middle of the painting, the eye-catching pink-blue sunflowers, gradually appreciate the golden ears of wheat and the beautiful violets,you may be attracted to look at each of the bright flowers and plants, but immerse in the overall harmony and warm beauty at the same time. Look from a distance, it is a fireworks with all colors, which blossoms so magnificently and brilliantly in front of your eyes; Near view, you can touch the same charm of Van Gogh's masterpiece Sunflower. Not only that, the artist also takes the needle as the pen, the silk as the ink, in this precious cloth, with the most exquisite craft, let the painting be reflected in the most exquisite form, forming such an embroidery work of art. Believe me, you can't resist its unique charm of blending Chinese and Western culture. You can't help but admire and marvel at such amazing works of art.

This is 1/8 Silk Thread Top-grade embroidery work.

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