Starry Night Embroidered Artwork

Starry Night Embroidered Artwork


Friends, when you first appreciate this work of art, do you feel heartfelt shock and admire its incomparable visual effect? This is the ingenious combination of the famous work "Starry Night" and embroidery design, and the perfect integration of western painting art and oriental traditional craftsmanship. Precious silk and traditional Chinese manual embroidery give you the opportunity to enjoy the incomparable charm of Van Gogh's starry Night at close range and to feel the  distinctive exquisite visual effect of embroidery. Whether you are infatuated with the unique charm of western art, keen on Van Gogh's exquisite paintings , or have a passion for Chinese traditional culture and craftsmanship, this work of art is your choice, how can you refuse it?

This is 1/2 Silk Thread  high-grade embroidery work.

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