Silkworm baby Shu Brocade Desk Decor


Product Background: With the small bamboo basket and green folium mori, I fed my silkworm baby. Hey , today I'll show you how I was born. It's also our source of raw materials. Sericulture is an ancient technique that originated from the Eastern Continent three thousand years ago. A silkworm has only 28 days of life, and only spins 100 meters. The precious silk is matched with ancient handicrafts and exquisite design, which gives birth to my most exquisite appearance. Friends, what are you waiting for? Come and appreciate my unique oriental charm!

Craft:  This piece of art is made from rare silk and woven by Chinese traditional craftsmen with hundreds of hours. Chinese weaving masters personally design patterns, select flower materials, construct woven frames, hand-woven and many other weaving processes. Every piece of art is carefully woven and sold as a limited product.
Size: Embroidery pattern: radius 6.69 (in) ; Picture frame: 8.66*8.66 (in)

Shipping: Ready to ship in 1-2 business days. Get it in 5 business days!

Returns: Returns and exchanges accepted! No-condition returns in 30 Days!

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