Sika deer Embroidered Artwork

Sika deer Embroidered Artwork


In front of us we see a piece of embroidery with a unique design, although it is simple in composition, plain in color, we can still find a wonderful world in which all things grow vigorously

. In this happy land, the sika deer mother and her lovely baby are standing quietly on the wooden bridge embellished with flowers, with their eyes closed gently. They are immersed in the prosperous atmosphere of spring, as if integrated with the quiet and peaceful world, and we could also feel the beautiful natural scenery in the deer's heart. Not only that, the designer also creatively combines antlers with plants, realizes the ingenious integration of art and reality, and makes the whole design work lively and interesting. We believe it will be one of the most exquisite and vivid embroidery works you have ever seen. At the same time, the unique  charm of this embroidery will make you deeply fascinated by Chinese traditional handicrafts. 

This is 1/4 Silk Thread  high-grade embroidery work.

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