Rabbit Embroidered Artwork

Rabbit Embroidered Artwork


Do you doubt that this embroidery is a real photo?
Do you doubt that embroidery can achieve such a delicate visual effect?
Friends, believe in your eyes, it's an amazing work of embroidery.
This is a realistic style embroidery design representative work. With superb painting skills and delicate strokes, the designer painted this lifelike lovely rabbit, coupled with rare and precious silk and traditional Chinese manual embroidery, this piece of embroidery of great collection value was born. It is not only the fruit of hundreds of hours of manual work by embroidery master, but also the gorgeous embodiment of Chinese traditional embroidery. This work of art can not only make you feel the vivid design pattern, but also make you feel the unique oriental charm. 

This is 1/4 Silk Thread  high-grade embroidery work.

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