Pet Custom Pillow




Brighten up your home with a customized pet photo pillow of the family's beloved pets.

Materials: High-quality PP cotton
Size: 20cm (Bag Pendant) / 40cm/ 50cm/ 60cm/ 70cm;
Craft: Double-sided printing

Please upload the photo to the email before placing the order :

1. The color may be slightly different due to different light
2. Due to manual measurement, please allow 1-5 mm difference


Care instructions:  

Our products are filled with high-quality PP cotton. The toy may shrink during the transportation process. Please take the plush toy and shake it all over the body to restore the PP cotton to fullness.

1. Keep the room clean, minimize dust, and clean the surface of the toy with clean, dry and soft tools.
2. Avoid long-term exposure to sunlight and keep the inside and outside of the toy dry.
3. The simplest method of sterilization is to put the plush toys in the sun for exposure (time should not be too long), with a powerful steam iron on the fluff gently reciprocating ironing, there is also a certain sterilization and decontamination effect.
4. Can be hand washed or machine wash with warm water. Dry or dry naturally, it is forbidden to dehydrate with the dryer. After drying, the toys can be combed back to the original appearance.