Maple Leaf DIY Embroidery Bookmark



"Pick off a leaf of maple and put it in the leaving boat, it will be a glorious scenery in the autumn"

Craft & Material: The designer uses antique round fans as the design inspiration to make this hand-embroidered bookmark. The gold thread is hand-wound around the metal of fan skeleton, and the fan surface is decorated with embroidered maple leaves.

Dimensions: 3.3 inches length and 1.8 inches width

Shipping: Since all finished products are customized by hand, it will take 3-5 business days to make the products after you place the order, and 5-10 business days for international air shipping after the production is completed. The total delivery time is about 8-15 business days. If you choose the DIY material packages, then it will be only 5-10 business days for international air shipping.

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