Lord Rabbit Drama Embroidery Perfume Satchel

Inheriting culture is not strong-headed sticking to the rules, only we break the bond, can we create the new value. The designer combines the image of the lord rabbit and the image of the overlord of the classic drama "Farewell My Concubine " in Chinese Peking Opera, which brings unparalleled shock and unique charm.
The lord rabbit originated from the ancient Chinese moon‘s admiration, and gradually it formed an independent image in the ritual ceremony, and it became gradually richful. At present, the Lord Rabbit has become one of the most representative intangible cultural heritages and the ambassador of the Mid-Autumn Festival.
Around the Mid-Autumn Festival in China, it is the most fragrant season of sweet-scented osmanthus. We fill the best osmanthus into the rabbit 's belly and fill it with the best proportion of cotton so that it can give you fragrance and good touch feel.

The unique model and beautiful implied meaning, make lord rabbit can firmly grasp people's eyeball doll, whether it is home decoration or carry ornaments. We believe it can bring you beautiful mood, artistic charm, and auspicious meaning.

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