Lion Embroidered Artwork

Lion Embroidered Artwork


When the lion on the prairie stood on the top of the mountain and his majestic head looked up at the sky, the photographer pressed the shutter in his hand to make this Mighty picture eternal. We combined the image of the king of prairie with China's embroidery with a history of 3,000 years to create this unparalleled work of art. With precious and fine silk, the embroider vividly and realistically depicts the majesty and unique charm of the king of the prairie. Bright white beard, red and brown mane, dark pupils, these rich and delicate color matching give this work of art strong visual impact and unparalleled sensory effect. Whether you hang it in a room, hallway or living room, I believe this piece of precious embroidery will give you the courage to move forward and the strength to overcome difficulties.

This is 1/2 Silk Thread  high-grade embroidery work.

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