Ink and Wash Hand Embroidered Desk Decor


Product Background: The flowing water, the riverside, and the small villages in the distance constitute a unique artistic conception of the oriental continent. It is simple but has a deep cultural connotation, and it also represents the spiritual aspiration of the oriental people for leisure and elegant life. If you are also fascinated by this landscape, then we are also admired for your outstanding aesthetic vision.

Material: Top Silk + Bamboo frame
Craft: Chinese traditional hand-embroidered double-sided silk embroidery (The same embroidered pattern on both sides)
Size: Painting core: diameter 7.87 (in) ; Overall: 8.27*9.65 (in);
Features: Professional embroidery masters spend nearly 100 hours on silk embroidery. We hope you can enjoy its exquisite craftsmanship and vivid patterns. With the characteristics of the Xiangfei bamboo frame, it has more unique charm and collection value.

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