Hibiscus Flower Embroidered Earrings


Product Background: Hibiscus flower is a common courtyard shrub style flower in the oriental court. Blue hibiscus flowers, as the king's exclusive collection, are extremely rare. The royal family believes that the hibiscus flower is a symbol of persistence and eternity. Hibiscus flowers bloom in the morning and wither in the evening, and each time it wither for the next more brilliant blooming, just as the sun keeps setting and rising, like the alternation of the four seasons. It’s a symbol of eternity.

Craft: The designers have adopted Suzhou embroidery, hand-shaped edges, and have spent 136 hours to create it by hand. The product is beautiful in design, ingenious in conception, meticulous in embroidery, elegant in color, and has a unique Chinese style.  

Dimensions: Pendant Diameter 1.56 inches; Earring Length 4.29 inches

Shipping: It will take 3-5 business days to make the products after you place the order, and 5-10 business days for international air shipping after the production is completed. 

Returns: Returns and exchanges accepted! Unconditionally returns in 30 Days!

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