Golden Toad Embroidery Perfume Satchel

The design of the perfume satchel comes from the traditional myth of China. It is said that there is a golden toad in the Moon Palace. It climbed the tree and folded the osmanthus tree in the moon palace. In the Chinese imperial examination era, this word means achieved good scores in the metaphor test. Now it is often used for metaphors to harvest success and joy. In ancient China, the golden toad as an auspicious thing that could attract wealth,expel evil and pray to bless, and have the meaning of happiness and beauty.

The hand-made perfume satchel represents the stubbornness and persistence of our opponents, which is also the bottom line of traditional Chinese craftsmen. The perfume satchel is filled with 100% natural osmanthus, so you can bring the taste of this season with you. The gentle and fragrant perfume satchel has a sense of design,it can bring excellent health care and beautiful mood.

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