Creative Aesthetic Light Bulb




Because of light we live in a colorific world. Color is the most active and impactive factor in all optic elements.

INNOVATION CRAFT: This product combines art and light bulb together, and let people feel the interest of artinnovation and technical product by themselves.

DISTINCTIVE MODELLING: Distinctive modelling, colour profusion, are numerous multicolor strass line body can bemade a fantastical effect, is considered to be the best fashionable light bulb DIY material.

INSTANT ON: No waiting to warm up like CFL bulbs and HIGH CRI of 83+ means brilliant realistic colors. Operates down to -4 degrees F

ECO FRIENDLY: Mercury free and lasts 13x longer than a standard incandescent bulbs.

VARIOUS STYLES:The products have smoothly been introduced to Europe, America and all over the world.

SAFETY STABILITY: High reliability, good performance of safety and stability, and Used in the frequent-switching.

Packing Specification : Wooden base*1  USB cable*1  Creative Aesthetic Light Bulb*1
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