Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier



This Concise Ultrasonic Mist Humidifier adds moisture to your air to eliminate dryness and help with your dry chapped skin, chapped lips and dry sinuses. It is an ideal way to add moist, comfortable air to small bedrooms, hotel rooms, tabletops and even workplace cubicles. Add a drop of your favorite essential oil to give your room a pleasant scent. 



  • PROPER SIZE: Ideal for moisturizing the air in small rooms and offices. 
  • AUTOMATIC SHUT-OFF: Safely turns humidifier off when water level is low or the water tank is removed.
  • OPTIONAL 7 COLOURS NIGHT LIGHT: Soft glow lighting makes it easy to operate the humidifier in the dark.
  • 10-HOUR RUN TIME: Allows for continuous overnight operation while you sleep.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS: When it comes to our premium essential oil diffusers, we make a point of using nothing but the same ultra-high grade, safe, and eco-friendly PP materials baby bottles are made from, as well as state-of-the-art production processes and strict quality control.
  • A GREAT GIFT IDEA: If you're in the market for a nice and practical gift, you can stop looking. This great aromatherapy essential oil diffuser is a thoughtful and handy present, one that everyone can benefit from. With a combination of style, design and function like that, it's a great hit!


  • Voltage: DC 5V
  • Rated power: 50/60Hz
  • Power: 3W
  • Time Setting: 10-12 Hours
  • Water-shortage Power-off Protection: Yes
  • Application Indoor Area: About 21-30㎡
  • Noise: < 36 DB
  • Mist Output (gallon / day): 0.72
  • Capacity: 400ML
  • Humidifying Capacity: 30ml/h
  • Power Type: USB
  • Size: Length 4.2 inches; Width 4.2 inches; Height 3.8 inches;
  • Shipping: Ready to ship in 1-2 business days. Get it in 5-10 business days!

  • Returns: Returns and exchanges accepted in 30 Days!


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews

    The unit is very easy to setup and run. It only takes seconds to clean which I do every time I fill it up. I find a regular cleaning keeps the mist flowing freely.

    Keeps my apartment moise and comforthble

    I bought this humidifier approx. a week a go and find it runs so quietly and efficiently, I t has made a huge difference in keeping my nose and eyes from being too dry.

    This is the best humidifier I've ever purchased

    This is the best humidifier I've ever purchased. Puts out a nice heavy spray (scented if you purchase the scents pack, which I recommend). If you fill it, it lasts through the night and more. I now breathe easier because of this product.

    Sleek design and great functionality

    I highly recommend this humidifier. I purchased it because my skin dries out super bad as soon as the weather turns cold. We run this in our bedroom at night and it helps me sleep and keeps my skin hydrated. This humidifier has a sleek design. The oval shape at the top almost forms a tear drop shape, enlarging at the base. I ordered the white color and it looks very modern. Before the first use I cleaned it with the recommended vinegar solution. It’s important to know that humidifiers are not the same as oil diffusers and should not be used with essential oils. Over all I’m very happy with this product. Plan on buying another one for my office!

    Highly recommend this humidifier

    This is a compact humidifier and it lasts all night with some to spare (my son sleeps 11 hours nightly). It is easy to fill (but you have to take it to the sink, can't fill while it's in place), sleek in appearance, and much easier to use and clean than a larger Vicks brand that I have. It fits nicely in an already-crowded nursery! The cool mist is nice, as it is not a safety hazard. It also has a diverter piece you can place in the top, and turn to direct the steam flow, which is nice. I'm getting one for the 2nd nursery! Have been using for about a month now.

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