Chinese Palace Embroidered Necklace


Product Background: Chinese Palace Hand Embroidered Necklace: There is a mysterious royal garden in the ancient east. The whole palace is golden and glorious with yellow glazed tile rooves and a white base. It is graceful and magnificent like a long picture scroll of thousands of families. 800 years ago, an Italian explorer named Marco Polo bestowed such words upon the palace: This is the greatest palace that ever was. The roof is very lofty, and the walls of the palace are all covered with gold and silver. They are also adorned with representations of dragons (sculptured and gilt), beasts and birds, knights and gods, and other subjects.

Craft: The designers have adopted Suzhou embroidery, hand-shaped edges, and have spent 136 hours to create it by hand. The product is beautiful in design, ingenious in conception, meticulous in embroidery, elegant in color, and has a unique Chinese style.

Shipping: It will take 3-5 business days to make the products after you place the order, and 5-10 business days for international air shipping after the production is completed. 

Returns: Returns and exchanges accepted! Unconditionally returns in 30 Days!

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