Chinese Garden Embroidered Necklace


Product Background: I stepped on the green stone slab, and heard the tolling of a bell while walking in the rainy season through the long alleys. I looked upon the white roots with moss-covered and the smooth shiny stone steps that had turned green. I gazed up at the protruding eaves, the drooping tiles, and the raindrops that had coalesced to float down. Everything is quiet and elegant. 

Craft: The designers have adopted Suzhou embroidery, hand-shaped edges, and have spent 136 hours to create it by hand. The product is beautiful in design, ingenious in conception, meticulous in embroidery, elegant in color, and has a unique Chinese style. 

Shipping: It will take 3-5 business days to make the products after you place the order, and 5-10 business days for international air shipping after the production is completed. 

Returns: Returns and exchanges accepted! Unconditionally returns in 30 Days!

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