Animal Kingdom Rings


The series rings were made by high-quality cotton/linen/embroidered thread and pure copper ring holder. You can adjust the size as you wish.
The exquisite rings were made with Miao silk embroidery which is one of the best traditional handicrafts in China. Each ring is special and takes dozens of hours to complete by masters.

Elephant: With rich color and lovely image, I'm a confident elephant baby.

Owl: With big eyes, and bright colors, I'm a lovely owl. 

Bee: All the delicious honey you drank is my gathering! I'm a diligent bee.

Butterfly: The most shining star in the flower, I'm a proud butterfly.

Ladybug: With rich color and beautiful spots, I'm a beautiful ladybug baby. 

Snail: I will reach the destination in the end although I climb slowly. I'm a persistent snail.  

About Size:1.3*1.3 inch. (Each earring has a slight difference in size)

Shipping: Ready to ship in 1-2 business days. Get it in 5 business days!

Returns: Returns and exchanges accepted! No-condition returns in 30 Days!

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