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Handmade Embroidery Necklaces

In the design of the handmade embroidery necklaces, the designer used a lot of elements of flowers. Flowers represent the good and the best of life. When using color, the designer also chose red, purple and brighter colors to make people feel brighter. In the embroidery process, we use the traditional dimensional embroidery process, which makes the flowers more vivid in front of everyone's eyes and attracts the attention of others. Some of the other necklaces are inspired by traditional Chinese architecture, and the dimensional craftsmanship makes these buildings more refined.

The dimensional embroidery is a form of embroidery. Compared with the plane embroidery, dimensional embroidery is more dimensional, and it looks lifelike and more beautiful. Dimensional embroidery is embroidery that uses dimensional embroidery special wool on the dimensional embroidery fabric to express or embody the three-dimensional effect of the object according to the design requirements and according to the design requirements of the dimensional embroidery drawings. Dimensional embroidery is a dimensional concept, so the dimensional embroidery is sublimated on the basis of the continuation of cross stitch. It has a stronger stereoscopic vision. Dimensional embroidery can make flowers and buildings more vivid. It is more interesting and more interesting than flat embroidery. Young people will also prefer dimensional embroidery.