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Women all over the world wear jewelry to accentuate their best features and look great. if you are looking for accessories that will elevate your look to an all-new level of chic, look no further. Shop embroidery jewelry at! On the basis of the existing embroidery technology, we innovate and improve the embroidery style, combine traditional silk thread and fabric to create fascinating handmade embroidery jewelry for you.

If you like embroidered earrings, do not miss our Palace Series earrings, which designed to referring to the pattern of the Imperial Palace with hundreds of hour handmade. If you like embroidery necklace, Hand embroidered Landscape Series necklace is your best choice. We also have animal embroidery brooches, painting scarves, perfume satchels and so on. There is always one you will like!

More details are provided on the product page of each handmade embroidery jewelry item. If you want to spread some joy and gift your friends or family unique, pick from breath-taking embroidery jewelry, and more in eye-catching designs.