Perfume Satchel : Cultural Inheritance In Embroidery Bag
The delicate shape, the exquisite design, the mild fragrance, this is the first impression of the perfume satchels. So how much do you know about this traditional and creative object?

The origin of perfume satchels

The perfume satchel, also known as sachet and flower sachet, is a kind of folk embroidery handicraft created by Chinese ancient working women. Perfume sachets are usually made of colorful silk thread, embroidered on precious silk or cloth with various exquisite and meaningful patterns, and then sewed into small embroidery sachets of different shapes. In ancient times, perfume satchels were used for refreshment, so perfume satchels contained a variety of strong herbal medicines. As time goes on, people fill pure spices into satchels now.

The design of perfume satchels

Referring to perfume satchels, the most impressive is the exquisite design on them. Traditional craftsmen usually use the magnificent scenery of the big rivers, the fierce tigers and beasts, or even the mythical creatures of dragons and phoenixes as design. In addition, in Chinese folk, Lord Rabbit is the common element. People further artisticized the image of the moon rabbit. After deification, they are made into Lord Rabbit with various forms. The Lord Rabbit of the moon palace originated from the ancient Chinese people's admiration of the moon. It gradually formed an independent image in the ritual ceremony. The Lord Rabbit have the sacred and secular character, which mixes the functions of sacrifice and entertainment.

The function of perfume satchels

In addition to creative design and exquisite handicraft, the perfume satchels sold in Gracelandy contain different kinds of high-quality natural dried flowers such as jasmine and lavender, which are matched with the best proportion of natural cotton to ensure a comfortable shape and feel, as well as a suitable fragrance. Gracelandy  perfume satchels, which are safe, environmentally friendly and mild fragrant, will bring you a beautiful mood,  and protection of your health. Whether you give it to your friends as a gift or carry it with you, it's the best choice.
September 17, 2019 — AdminGracelandy