One of the Four Famous Embroideries in China-Yue Embroidery

Yue embroidery (Guangdongembroidery) is the general name of Guangzhou embroidery (Guang embroidery) and Chaozhou embroidery (Chao embroidery).

Yue embroidery originated in the Tang Dynasty and was brought into Lingnan by immigrants from the Central Plains. The craft level of Guangdong embroidery in the Tang Dynasty was extraordinary. The Tang Dynasty "Duyang Zabian" records that in the first year of Yongzhen (805), Nanhai (county name, governing seat Panyu, now Guangzhou) Gongqi Nu Lu Meiniang embroidered seven volumes of the Fahua Jing on a foot (0.3m) silk, "the size of the word is no more than millet", "the dots are distinct, as fine as hair, the title and sentence are all the same." She also embroidered the "Feixian Cover" of 1 Zhang (1 Zhang = 3.33 meters), embroidered with landscapes, immortals and jade ladies, and "thousands of children holding houses and holding festivals". During the reign of Emperor Xuanzong in the Tang Dynasty, the Lingnan Festival made Zhang Jiugao offer high-quality embroidery to Yang Guifei and get three additional official products, which shows that the highest class at that time appreciated Yue embroidery more. Tang Shunzong (761-806) once praised Lumei Niang as his aunt.

During the Zhengde period of the Ming Dynasty (1506-1521), Yue embroidery was exported to Portugal, Britain, France and other countries by European merchants, and became the favourite clothing of the royal court and nobles. In the ninth year of Ming Zhengde (1514), a Portuguese businessman bought embroidered pieces of the Dragon Robe in Guangzhou and returned home. He presented the embroidered robe to the king and was rewarded. In the thirty-fifth year of Jiajing Ming Dynasty (1556), Krotz, a Portuguese missionary who had stayed in Guangzhou for several weeks, wrote in his memoir: "Many handicraft workers in Guangzhou work for export trade. Export products are also rich and colourful. Embroidered shoes embroidered on the upper with coloured silk threads... They are wonderful works of art.

Yue embroidery, including Chaozhou embroidery and Guangzhou embroidery, is one of the four famous embroidery products in China. It is produced in Guangdong and centred on Chaozhou and Guangzhou. Chao embroidery is dominated by costumes. It is famous for its full layout, luxuriant patterns, warm scenes, rich colours, strong contrast and bright red and green. Its greatest feature is that the layout is full, often with few gaps, even if there are gaps, but also with landscape grassroots and other supplements, it seems lively and compact; Yue embroidery another unique phenomenon is that embroidery workers are mostly male workers, and other areas of embroidery workers are different from women, embroidery workers often stand with long needles in hand when embroidering large pieces.

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