Miao Embroidery :A Feast Of Vision And Art

When you walk into an arts & crafts shop and look at the dazzling array of artworks, what can leave a deep impression on you? Is it an elegant clay vase, a colorful national dress, or a handmade necklace with a long history? However, when you find a special Miao embroidery at the obscure corner, you will be deeply attracted by its exquisite details thus you immerse yourself in it!

Miao embroidery is an embroidered form with oriental aesthetic. Even though there is no intricate design from master designers, and there is no cautious color matching which shows on high-end clothing, but the Miao people created such vivid and colorful handicraft with their unique aesthetic and wisdom ,which also shows their artistic wealth to the world.

Miao embroidery is mainly spread in the Miao nationality gathering area of Guizhou Province, China. The Miao costumes in this area still retain the original traditional style, with the exquisite embroidery skills and amazing silver jewelry. Miao embroidery has a strong exaggerated color tone, mostly red and green, and the color combination is rich. Miao embroidery has a long history, variety thread stitch, and its decorative patterns are boldand vivid, which comes from the careful observation of natural scenery. All these makes Miao embroidery become a precious cultural inheritance of China.

Creatively, our designers skillfully combine the Miao embroidery with traditional Chinese sachets, thus creating a series of colorful, unique and exquisite works. Carry  these beautiful sachets with you, you could not only feel the fragrance, appreciate the beautiful design, but also enjoy the Chinese folk culture with a long history, as well as the achievements of the traditional handicraft represented by Miao embroidery.

September 26, 2019 — AdminGracelandy