Hand Embroidery Products from Machine Embroidery

Hand embroidery products have a wide range of subjects and rich contents, and needling has developed to 43 kinds. There are various forms of expression, including double-sided embroidery and single-sided embroidery; platform screen, floor screen and large combination screen; embroidering characters, animals, flowers and birds, scenery, still life, architecture... It is true that "mountains and rivers can be divided into distant and near interests, the pavilion has a profound body, the characters can look at the vivid feelings, the flowers and birds can repay the intimate state".

Handmade embroidery works are lifelike and exquisite, which not only won the domestic appreciation but also attracted the attention of friends around the world, known as the "Pearl of Oriental Art".

Machine embroidery is a kind of embroidery that uses a sewing machine or embroidery machine instead of Handwork. Modern computer embroidery is a process of embroidery through transmission and manipulation of embroidery machine after computer typesetting. Whether mechanical or electronic embroidery machines, the purpose of recording stitches is to enable the embroidery machine to recognize and perform its actions. Record points needed to form patterns in a mechanical or mouse or more modern way. Modern machine embroidery is not only clothing, ordinary household goods, etc. but also embroidery crafts. However, due to the complexity of double-sided embroidery technology, vivid patterns, and the difficulty of machine imitation, machine embroidery products are mainly embroidered single-sided embroidery.

The main differences between Hand embroidery products and machine embroidery are as follows:

  1. From the appearance comparison: the appearance of Handembroidery products is more distinct, landscape, characters, flowers and birds are more spiritual, the scenery has a clear distance, solid three-dimensional sense. Machine embroidery has a rigid appearance and no sense of hierarchy.
  2. From the comparison of material and material: hand embroidery products generally use silk as canvas and special silk thread made of silk as embroidery articles. Silk threads are rich in colour and have a natural lustre, with fine fluff in the sun. Machine embroidery is generally made of tamarind with high hardness. The thread is usually made of chemical fibres which are not easy to break. It is more smooth and can not reflect natural soft light.

  3. From the comparison of workmanship quality: the silk thread made by embroidery products can be used for chopping. A hairlike thread can be divided into 32 thinner threads. When embroidering a pattern, different thicknesses and hues of thread are used to reflect the level of the scene, and the needles used are different in length. The thread used in machine embroidery is basically the same thickness, so there is no hierarchy and stereo sense.

  4. Comparing the types: Hand embroidery products are rich in types, including double-sided embroidery, single-sided embroidery and random embroidery, and products such as characters, flowers and birds, landscapes, etc. Machine embroidery products type is relatively monotonous, generally based on ordinary single-sided embroidery, and some complex patterns are difficult to embroider out.

  5. Comparisons in terms of price: Hand embroidery products are all made by embroidery lady with one needle and one thread. The time limit is longer and the price is more expensive. Machine embroidery is processed in batches by machines at very low prices.


October 17, 2019 — AdminGracelandy