The Grade of Embroidery Threads

The use of varying thread thickness is an important characteristic of embroidery. Silk is predominantly used, and the threads usually are as fine as human hair. Embroiderers usually split each silk strand into thinner threads --in half, in quarters, eighths, sixteenths and so on. Such as 1/4 Silk Thread, A single silk thread would be split into four smaller strands, resulting in a thread a quarter of the original diameter.

Finer threads allow for more delicate embroideries and require greater mastery of stitching techniques. Of the Suzhou embroidery masters, Jinzhen Gu was known to split a single silk strand into 96 finer threads within 3 minutes; her unique ability was recognized by the Guinness Book of Records.

For example, 1/4 Silk Thread is fine, fragile and difficult to handle; in the hands of a master embroiderer, it is used to create breathtakingly intricate and delicate designs. The resulting masterpieces showcase a level of talent and skill that increases the value of the embroidery.

Different thread thicknesses are used to embroider different subjects. A thinner thread is used for tails of goldfishes, to capture its swift dexterity. Thicker threads may be used for the goldfish body, stones of trunks of trees, however.

We are proud to offer the stunning designs with High-grade and Top-grade embroidery, which stitched entirely in 1/4 Silk Thread and even 1/8 Silk Thread. We are sure that you’ll have the most meticulous embroidery for choice in the Gracelandy.

Now you can identify the different silk thread grading artwork through the following examples:

《TOP COLLECTION Embroidered Artwork》

The 1/8 Silk Thread Top-grade Embroidered Artwork

Rabbit Embroidered Artwork

The 1/4 Silk Thread high-grade Embroidered Artwork

Starry Night Embroidered Artwork

The 1/2 Silk Thread Medium-grade Embroidered Artwork

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