Dream Back To The Imperial Palace

When it comes to China, what is the first thing you think of? Yellow-skinned Chinese, giant pandas, the Great Wall, or..., yes, these are all about China. But China also has a very important symbol that it is the Imperial Palace. Located in the center of Beijing, the Imperial Palace is the royal palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties, which gathers the essence of ancient Chinese court architecture. It is centered on the three halls (Palace Museum, Hall of Complete Harmony, Hall of Preserving Harmony), covering an area of 720,000 square meters and a construction area of about 150,000 square meters. It has more than 70 palaces and more than 9,000 rooms. It is one of the largest and most complete wooden structures in the world. The Imperial Palace is praised as the first of the five major palaces in the world(the Imperial Palace, Palace of Versailles, Buckingham Palace, the White House, the Kremlin). It attracts thousands of visitors around the world every year and is one of the most important symbols of China.

As a symbol of Chinese traditional culture, embroidery products are also closely related to the Imperial Palace. In the ancient Imperial Palace, royal jewelry, clothes, furnishings... can not be separated from embroidery, high-end manual embroidery is a necessity of the royal family.
Today, on the basis of the existing embroidery technology, we innovate and improve the embroidery style, combine traditional silk thread and cloth, use more beautiful color designs, improve the traditional court pattern with the theme of the Imperial Palace, and create two kinds of jewelry for you: earrings and necklace.

These earrings, designed by designers referring to the pattern of the Imperial Palace, were handmade by Suzhou embroidery workers for hundreds of hours. We choose the best silk thread and embroidery cloth, they have a strong ductility. I believe that when you get it, you will feel that it is not only an earring but also a very special work of art.

The necklace is made with a combination of Su embroidery and bead embroidery, and the two are mutually matched, so that the product not only has the delicacy of Su embroidery, but also the stereoscopic impression of bead embroidery, and the natural color beads are added, making the whole product look very vivid, as if the Imperial Palace is in front of your eyes.

You can't wait to see what they look like, can you? What are you waiting for? click on our website and take a look at the embroidery products you want!

September 02, 2019 — AdminGracelandy