Do you know hand embroidery ?

Hand embroidery refers to the art of adding human design and production to any existing fabric by hand with needles and threads. It is also one of the most precious species in the protection of intangible cultural heritage in China.

According to the origin, it can be divided into "Jiangsu embroidery", "Guangdong embroidery", "Hunan embroidery", "Sichuan embroidery". Among them, Su embroidery is the first of the four-hand embroidery.

According to the processing method: hand embroidery can be divided into "semi-manual embroidery" and "pure hand embroidery"

Classification by use: clothing and handicraft. Hand embroidery is divided into hanging-picture single-sided embroidery and double-sided embroidery.

Hand embroidery

Hand embroidery has a bright future in today's society. Hand embroidery was sold overseas as early as 90 years ago. Modern embroidery workshops with hand embroidery have developed large-scale manual double-sided embroidery for large-scale hand embroidery floor panels, but these products are generally not very elaborate because of their large size, because these hand embroidery products are very large investment, and some small embroidery workshops often have limited strength to invest only in low-end products, size. Modeling and composition look the same, but a close look will find that there is a far cry between them. Some relatively large-scale embroidery enterprises have strength. They make hand embroidery floor screens into high-quality products and are not eager to sell them. Their profits are much higher than those of some small embroidery farms. The only way to reduce costs for small embroidery farms is to press them. Embroidery Niang's money. And hand embroidery products can be divided into a general market level and master level, while master-level hand embroidery is generally all ordinary embroidery, just pointed out in key places. With the reduction of the number of embroidered women, embroidered women are becoming more and more proactive and can choose their favorite employers. Employers are also increasingly taking care of embroidered mothers.

The main artistic features of hand embroidery are neat silk patterns, fresh and elegant colors, rich needling, elegant and gorgeous, exquisite and exquisite embroidery. As far as embroidery needling is concerned, it is extremely rich and varied. There are 9 categories and 43 kinds of needling methods, such as uniform needle, twisting needle, sleeve needle, application needle, random needle, rolling needle, cutting needle, flat gold, dotting, beating, knot, net embroidery, ice needle, picking needle, brocade, scaling needle, wool needle, beading needle and so on. Different needling methods can be used. Produce different line organization and unique hand embroidery artistic expression effects. For example, the use of needle-stitching and needle-rolling embroidery of rare birds and animals, silk Songshun, vivid, vivid; the use of loose needle embroidery of flowers, vivid color, fragrance, simple nose, as beautiful as possible; the use of random needle embroidery of portraits and scenery, velvet organization is changeable, decorative flavor, strong artistic effect, rich in folk and national characteristics. The embroidery with dotted embroidery is quiet and elegant, full of poetic and picturesque flavor. the embroidery with dotted embroidery has the characteristics of antique, simple and honest artistic effects and techniques of smoothness, neatness, fineness, compactness, harmony, light, uniformity and smoothness.

hand embroidery

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