Chinese Embroidery

What is Chinese embroidery? Is it good-looking needlework, very old craftsmanship, or something granny likes to do best? Like most young people in China, when I first encountered this question, I was confused. This is why we want to create Gracelandy brand, we hope to promote Chinese embroidery and let more people know about it.

You can see embroidery in film and television works, elders' costumes, all kinds of cultural's always been with us in our lives. But unfortunately, we seldom appreciate it quietly and carefully, study its stitches, craftsmanship, and style. 

Embroidery to our native Chinese is like a daily routine, and it exists in every corner of our lives. We are not worried that it will disappear or change, because we are used to its existence as if it does not need to be protected and inherited. But when foreigners or people interested in embroidery ask us for details, we are often speechless.

Today, let me introduce you to Chinese embroidery: Chinese embroidery, also known as silk embroidery, needle embroidery, is one of the excellent national traditional craftsmanship in China. China is the earliest country to discover and use silk in the world and Chinese people began silkworm breeding and silk reeling four or five thousand years ago.

With the use of silk, the emergence and development of silk fabrics, embroidery is also gradually rising. In the Song Dynasty of China, embroidery clothes have been highly praised. Embroidery has gradually become popular in the folk, which also promoted the development of Chinese silk embroidery craftsmanship. Embroidery, as a kind of handicraft developed throughout China, has different characteristics and advantages in various regions, such as Su embroidery, Xiang embroidery, Yue embroidery, and Shu embroidery. The exquisite embroidery made of silk thread is a treasure in the history and culture of China for thousands of years.

Sometimes when I calm down and think about it, I suddenly find that embroidery culture has penetrated into the hearts of every Chinese. In our minds, embroidery is no longer a handicraft or a kind of work, but more like spiritual sustenance, reflecting the spread of Chinese culture for thousands of years. And we hope that Gracelandy can act as a medium to spread Chinese embroidery culture around the world. 

September 05, 2019 — AdminGracelandy