Bead Embroidery: The Perfect Combination of Jewelry and Craft

Bead embroidery has been around for hundreds of years. It is so popular in human life, from decorating clothing to creating elaborate costumes for the stage, handbags and accessories for different occasions and more recently stunning beaded jewelry, it can do anything.

Beaded enhancements can be added to fabrics in garments, accessories and decorative items to create unique handcrafted pieces. Bead embroidery involves stitching beads onto fabric. They can be arranged to cover large portions of fabric, or just used as small decorative elements.

Traditionally seed beads or pearls, bugle beads, crystals, and sequins were all common materials to use. Some beaders use an embroidery process as an alternative to freehand bead weaving. They embroider small designs cloth and then trim away the excess fabric leaving a beaded embellishment that can be glued or sewn to almost anything.

Bead embroidery requires no elaborate supplies or tools. Just thread, beads, a needle, an embroidery hoop, and some creativity is all that is needed to create beautiful beaded projects. Bead embroidery is made with common embroidery stitches: chain stitch, backstitch, couching, or any other stitch desired.

One way is to apply beads to a preprinted pattern on a colorful fabric. Beading adds texture and highlights areas of the fabric design. Using disappearing marking pens (available from a quilt or fabric shop) design can be drawn by hand for beading.

Today beaded embroidery is widely spread all over the world. By the influence of pearl embroidery, we have learned and designed some exquisite beaded embroidery products. As the inheritor and disseminator of embroidery culture, Gracelandy is looking forward to bringing more excellent embroidery works to you.

September 26, 2019 — AdminGracelandy