Application of Embroidery in Handmade Jewelry and Accessories Design

Embroidery, also known as "needle embroidery", commonly known as "embroidery", is an art of creating on already woven fabrics. Embroidery thread (silk, velvet, thread), according to the design pattern, on the fabric (silk, cloth silk) to carry needles, with stitches to form patterns or words, is one of the excellent traditional crafts of our country. There are many discussions on embroidery culture and studies on embroidery. The author's attempt is to apply embroidery as an element in handmade jewellery and accessories design and try to achieve a unique and traditional jewellery performance.

Shaping-the Application of Embroidery Patterns in Handmade

Jewellery and Accessories Design
Embroidery patterns have many materials, which can be roughly divided into two categories: abstract and figurative. The abstract patterns are simple in shape, plain and exaggerated. The main patterns are mainly geometric and literal. The figurative patterns are rich and full, fresh and elegant, and the main patterns are mainly animals, plants and characters. Due to the limitation of the size of the jewellery, small area, small details, colour block or linear decorative patterns, such as abstract geometric patterns or simple plant patterns, can be selected for embroidery design.

The application of embroidery patterns to handmade jewellery and accessories design can not be rigidly copied. On the basis of understanding the profound historical and cultural connotation of embroidery, embroidery patterns should be refined and created with modern aesthetic concepts so as to make jewellery full of strong traditional meaning and distinct characteristics of the times. In the creation and design of embroidery element jewelry, it is required to be striking and clear, concise but not simple, delicate and complex, so that embroidery jewellery not only reflects the style characteristics of strong national artistic enthusiasm but also shows the simple and simple characteristics of the times of handmade jewellery and accessories, which makes hand jewellery and accessories decorative. At the same time, it has a high aesthetic value.

The colour of jewellery and embroidery have the same characteristics, but they also follow the design principles of diversity, unity, simplicity and monotony, coordination with gems and metals used for jewellery, and unity with the public's aesthetic vision. It is this similarity of art that makes the combination of embroidery colour and jewellery design colour an opportunity.

Before choosing embroidery patterns for jewellery design, we should fully understand the connotation of patterns, and be able to coordinate with the style and function of jewellery. The closer the relationship between the two, the more natural the feeling to consumers.

Application of Embroidery Techniques in Handmade Jewelry and Accessories Design

The main features of embroidery are exquisite workmanship, beautiful patterns, elegant colours and varied needling. The combination of embroidery techniques and jewellery is not rigid. Combining with the rare embroidery element jewelry on the market at present, the author thinks that it can be divided into two kinds: one is to embroider on silk or cloth, silk, or flat, or three-dimensional, or abstract, or figurative patterns, only with metal chains, even ribbons and ropes, which are rough. Primitive, embroidery accounted for the vast majority of the whole jewellery, and rarely had a fusion relationship with metal. In principle, it can not be called embroidery element jewellery; the other is to use nested way to perfect the combination of embroidery and jewellery, so that Chinese aesthetic elements into handmade jewellery and accessories design, with a distinct sense of form and art. Operative characteristics. When delicate and delicate embroidery meets the metal with warm texture, the new innovative jewellery style shines with brilliance. This kind of jewellery belongs to the real embroidery element jewellery.

The combination of traditional embroidery patterns, colours, meanings and techniques with the decorative methods designed by handmade jewellery and accessories can not only satisfy modern people's pursuit of traditional handicraft but also make them appear personalized and fashionable. The inheritance, reorganization and innovation of embroidery and its application in handmade jewellery and accessories design not only transform and regenerate the traditional national handicraft embroidery, but also enrich the theoretical basis of jewellery elements, and construct a new direction of jewellery design, completing the intersection and expansion of embroidery industry and jewellery design industry. Full, in line with the characteristics of modern consumer visual appreciation to the level of personalized and diversified development.

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